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7 most common mistakes when working out

During my years in the gym and working out at home I have some times found it difficult to reach the goals I had. After reading up and talking to people who have done this for much longer I realised why. Thanks to this information I nowadays find it much easier to get the results I’m looking for. If you are looking to get very specifik results I would encourage you to contact a local PT (personal trainer) to help you.

Some of the mistakes I made are listed below together with some other ones that I often see or hear of:

  1. Inconsistency. This has always been my Achilles heal. It is better to work out once a week for a year than four times a week for one month and then nothing for one months etc. Set a number of times which is reasonable and then after you’ve done this consistently for, say 3 months, then increase if you feel like it!
  2. Know what you are aiming for! Why are you exerciseing? What are you looking to achieve? Without a plan and goals it will be very hard to get any specific results. Read my post about knowing your goal: How to reach your goal in the gym.
  3. Staying with the same weight program for too long. Your muscles will soon stop developing and you won’t see the progress you might hope for. Change your program at least once a month.
  4. Same, same, same… Almost like point nr 3, but slightly different. Try and mix up your training. Weights, cardio, dance, yoga, running etc. When you always do the same the risk of injury is greatly increased. And really, isn’t it great fun to try something new now and again?
  5. Too much cardio. Is this possible? Oh yes. I see people in the gym who (while watching tv!?) walk or jogg on the treadmill or crosstrainer day in and day out… Nothing else. When we do cardio it’s important to both vary intensity and time. And all cardio should be mixed up with som sort of weight training.
  6. Over training. Yes, there is something called training too much. Your body needs recovery time. Try not to do the same work out two days in the row (there are exceptions such as yoga). And remember point nr 1. So in order to not break down your body – sometimes the best thing is rest!
  7. Not eating enough. It’s true. Way more common than eating too much is not eating enough. Especially when trying to lose weight. Sounds strange. Well it really isn’t. We need the energy to work out, and we need the energy to grow muscles. If we don’t feed our bodies they start to eat  its own muscles instead. Also, if we don’t eat enough the body will switch on the starve-mode which means really low metabolism. You want a healthy metabolism in order to both put on muscles, lose weight, gain weigh and feel energised!

Also, remember to have fun when working out. It is an investment in your health, but if you don’t enjoy it – what’s the gain?Today there are so many different kinds of workout that there will be something for you too. Just go looking for it!

What misstakes have you seen been made och maybe made your self? Maybe you some favourite exercises you’d like to share?

7 most common mistakes when working outSweaty me after a great interval circuit training!


4 comments on “7 most common mistakes when working out

  1. Amy
    March 4, 2013

    I can see how easy it would be to make some of these mistakes! I like to change up my work-out routine according to the weather and the conditions outside. Bad weather–weights and a DVD, good weather–gardening (yes, it’s great exercise!) biking, swimming, running! Works for me!

    • Vitality2day
      March 4, 2013

      Sounds like a great way to organize your workouts! And yes, gardering is excellent workout for both body and spirit! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Charlotte Henley Babb
    March 4, 2013

    Not to mention the biggest mistake of all…not getting up off the sofa. (mea culpa). Great post. Thanks.

    • Vitality2day
      March 4, 2013

      Haha! So very true! 🙂 Thank you for stopping by!

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Your help to sustainable health and redesigning your body

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