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What is happening to our food?

Last year I wrote a post in Swedish on how our vegetables and fruits are losing its nutritional value. Here is a updated version in English.

A lot of people are still led to believe that “If only I eat well, i.e lots of fruits and vegetables, it will give my body enough nutrients”. Unfortunately many things seems to point to the opposite.

So, when learning about this I was curious to find out more and started looking for more evidence. You can always find those who argue both for and against in various blogs and articles, but what interested me most was some of the major studies conducted at the National Food Administration, University of Texas et al.

Many causes
A report from the NFA is that there may be a number of reasons for the nutritional value decrease and also that in some cases the measurement methods changed so much that it is difficult to determine exactly how much it has really changed. Thus it can be very difficult to determine by comparing the old and new reports and some data is therefore questionable.

Demonstrated reductions
However, there are few studies that considered significantly more reliable and therefore often referred to. In a report made by the independent organization Nutrition Security Institute has indicated significant declines from 1914 to 1997 in both the vitamin as mineral value in our food. The same report also identifies possible links between our lack of nutritional intake with the increase of many common diseases.

2004 Davis and co-workers published; University of Texas (in J. Am. Coll. Nutr. Vol 23 (6) pp. 669-82) their report. These researchers had compared the nutritional data of 43 different vegetables in the U.S. Department of Agriculture official food tables, editions 1950 and 1999. They compared 13 different nutrients in crops that were as similar as possible. There was a statistically significant reductions of 6 nutrients, an average of 6 percent for protein to 38 percent for riboflavin in the entire group of products . For calcium, the difference was 16 percent for iron and vitamin C, 15 percent and 9 percent for phosphorus.

Lars Sjösvärd Business Development Manager at Lantmännen’s cereal division (Sweden), says that in recent years they have had less crops and slightly lower nutrient content. Most likely it’s because they have focused on growing cereals with big harvests and therefore primarily added nutrients (such as potassium, manganese, sulfur and phosphorus). With more knowledge it would have been understood that micronutrients (such as iron, iodine and folic acid), found in natural fertilizer, is more important than previously thought.
The nutritional value decreases
After reading several reports and surfed the web and reading various blogs and articles, it becomes clear that all of those that could be seen as more independent voices generally agree. The nutritional value decreases. Admittedly organic and locally grown food is often more nutritious than any other food, but not even that food has the same nutritional value as it had 30 years ago. Because food has become less nutritious it is especially important to eat a varied diet. If you live an active life, and want to be sure you’re getting what you need to not only survive, but to live well. Then I recommend natural supplements with that has been tested. I have chosen to eat LifePak, a multi vitamin with extensive research behind. With that I daily eat a full dose of Omega 3, which I’ll write more about tomorrow.

Eating well in combination with great natural supplements is to me an investment in my futur!



9 comments on “What is happening to our food?

  1. Victoria Elam
    January 9, 2013

    Great post! I’ve been a vitamin junkie and lover of fruits and veggies most of my life. I feel great and most people don’t believe me when they ask my age.

    • Vitality2day
      January 9, 2013

      That is great to hear! Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  2. cairnr
    January 9, 2013

    This was an eye opener, nutrition was a big part of culinary school and a matter of great consideration for modern chefs. The idea that our vegetable staples lack the nutritional value of their ancestors really surprised me. Thank you so much for translating this into English for me 🙂

    • Vitality2day
      January 10, 2013

      It was a real eye opener for me as well when I learned this. However, now I could finally understand why my system was so easily run down even though I ate well. Thank you for your comment!

  3. blogbypa
    January 10, 2013

    I would say that swedes in general has a lack of vitamins and minerals. So there can’t be to many reminders on this subject. Thanks!

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Your help to sustainable health and redesigning your body

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