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Your sleep is essential for your health

No more sleep problems!
It is really wonderful to be able to sleep. For 10 years I had problems sleeping, and the least amount of stress would leave me sleepless. When I was 25, it was not a major problem, I thought I was one of those who only need 4-5 hours a night, but gradually it began to wear me down.

2009 I went bankrupt with my first business, a café. I had worked non stop for 3 and a half years and slept very little. I felt sleepy all the time and was completely exhausted but could not sleep. I slowly began to realize that I needed help.

I had tried everything possible, everything except sleeping pills. Nothing helped. Eventually I found herbal based supplements that worked! After ten days I began to sleep, after 3 months I finally had a balanced sleep cycle and now I can always sleep, stressed or not!

Nutritional status is crucial to how our body works! Find ago a dietary supplement with a clear research behind and are herbal based. Synthetic vitamins can make your body more harm than help!

So if you have trouble sleeping and / or feeling low, check your body nutritional status! And remember, sleep is the number one thing you need in order to lead a healthier life!

Have you had problems sleeping? What did you have to change in order to sleep better? Please share your tips here!

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